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paula6999, Psicólogo
Categoría: Psicología
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Experiencia:  Depresión, ansiedad,etc. Trastornos de alimentación, adicciones, mobbing, problemas sexuales. Consulta cualquier duda.
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my husband was abandon from his mother at 6 years old and he

Pregunta del cliente

my husband was abandon from his mother at 6 years old and he does whatever he wants,specially when he is in hard time looking for drug or woman.why?
Enviada: hace 6 años.
Categoría: Psicología
Experto:  ImeldaBéjar escribió hace 6 años.

Hola, soy la Psic. Imelda Béjar y le estoy atendiendo:

Sorry, my english is not well. But I will try to answer you. You are in the latin version of JustAnswer.

I don´t know if your husband have this problem bucause his mother abandoned him when he was child. Could it be posible, probably he is always traying to find satisfaction because he had many unsatisfied needs when we was child and that produced an emptiness in his person, but I need more information for me to say that.

I think your husband probably have an impulses control disorder and he needs to be in psichological treatment and if it is necesary in a psichiatric treatment too.

If he doesn´t go to recive the right atention, you and the other persons aroud him will suffer. Certainly he probably has a good reason for be in this way, but now he is an adult and he is responsable about himself and the other persons who share the life with him, like you. You can encourage your husband to go to a psichoterapy, maybe he could be more willing if you start through couple-therapy.

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Sorry for my english

Experto:  paula6999 escribió hace 6 años.
I´m sorry but my english isn´t too good either.
I´m agree with the other expert. A lot of people is abandoned when they are children but i think that the problem of your husband is othrer, because he has problems with drugs and woman. Y think that you haven´t to look for the reazon in the past, you have to try to resolve the problen that you have with him in the present. I think that you are permisive with him by his past, but the past is past and you have to think if you can to live for ever with a person who have these problems righ now. I think you have to think in yourself and speak seriusly with him about he has to resolve his problems with druggs and woman, because that would finish the marriage. Tell him you love him and you will be with him if he look for help with and psicologist o a group. I don´t know why he start with all this, but you need it finish or you will lost your husband.
I think he know he has a serius problem, but maybe he doesn´t resolve now, so, you have to think in you and your future. Maybe if he think he can lost you, he will more dispose to try a tratament.
If you need anything else, i will be happy to try to help you.
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