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Psic Daniela Izzo
Psic Daniela Izzo, Psicólogo
Categoría: Psicología
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I am beginning my divorce and cant stop thinking of my wife

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I am beginning my divorce and cant stop thinking of my wife I have been depressed and I feel like I am the responsable for our break up after 15 years i still feel guilty for all the fights we had what can I do to avoid this feelings

Good night, your question is in the spanish version of JustAnswer, do you prefer to continue writing in English or Spanish?

Cliente: escribió hace 19 días.
english is fine

Ok. Are you still in touch with her? Have you seen her lately?

Cliente: escribió hace 19 días.
yes every day

It is reasonable that you still have those feelings since the break up is still recent. It's a process that has just started and it will take some time until you start feeling better.

It is normal to feel sadness, anxiaty and anger.

Usually, break-ups have shared responsibility. Who started the divorce process?

Cliente: escribió hace 18 días.
she did

You should not talk to her, unless it's necessary and try to avoid seeing face to face.
Keep on doing your daily activities, focus on your job. Try to meet with your friends and perhaps practicing sports twice a week.

Cliente: escribió hace 18 días.
I am trying sports but I really want to avoid the divorce
Cliente: escribió hace 18 días.
I heard of couples therapy but dont know how that works and i am affraid that would backfire

If you want to avoid the divorce, you should have a meeting with her and ask if she's willing to give your marriage another chance. However, keep in mind that that's not very likely to happen.
Perhaps you could both take some time to think before taking a final decision.

Cliente: escribió hace 18 días.
thank you have good night

Couples therapy is a good option for analyzing your feelings, wishes and hopes and be able to take a decision you both agree on. Not always both persons are willing to give each other another chance. The most important thing here is to know how each on of you feels.

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