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asistenciamecanica, Técnico
Categoría: Reformas del hogar
Clientes satisfechos: 102
Experiencia:  tambien constructor sabemos todo del hogar construcciones en general
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Water is leaking from my upstairs terrace into my downstairs

Pregunta del cliente

Water is leaking from my upstairs terrace into my downstairs bedroom. I cannot discover the source of the leak, although the water always comes out in the same place. I tried all kind of treatments of the terrace. Any smart solutions ??
Enviada: hace 7 años.
Categoría: Reformas del hogar
Experto:  asistenciamecanica escribió hace 7 años.
Hello thank you for trusting JustAnswer experts
Based on your request we are dedicated to the heading of construction, I will explain, if you are leaking water when it rains, then there is a problem to find good source through which the water enters, it may be on a side wall or the opposite side you seal it is necessary to check the deck drains that are not cracked or plugged and that the one hand preventing excess water drain is broken or if this filter and drain water from the where you see the wet spot, often happens that all but sealed a defective pipes and filter through the wall
from now I hope you can solve your problem a Greeting
Cliente: escribió hace 7 años.
Thank you for the reply. I understand it is difficult to reply without seeing the situation.
I have limited the area of the source to about 3 m2 of the terrace and several drains. The drains are only holes in the concrete base of the terrace fence. There are no pipes in the wall or filters nor in the terrace fence with exception of the drains I mentioned. What I am looking for is some device for resource detection. Does that exist ??
Experto:  asistenciamecanica escribió hace 7 años.
Hello again,
The problem must be in the drains to if or if this would have to see an expert on the subject, we would recommend that you check the drains for what you told me and from my experience I'm sure the problem is there, for the moment know any device, Greetings
Cliente: escribió hace 7 años.
Estimado Esteban,

I will try to make the drains waterproof but it is not raining in Southern Spain at the moment and I cannot test your recommandation. I will come back to it as soon as it rains.
Wieck Wildeboer.
Experto:  asistenciamecanica escribió hace 7 años.
Hello Wieck

According perform the test and then tell me if there is a problem be detected in time if the only solution I can give is to buy paste and apply membrane throughout the terrace a greeting.