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Ing. Navas
Ing. Navas, Ingeniero en Electronica
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romr2009 helped me 13/10/12, the solution which finally worked,

Pregunta del cliente

romr2009 helped me 13/10/12, the solution which finally worked, I found in the entrails of my xp m/c. A different WinTV Nexus folder turned up, and Presto, it goes ok now.
But, I like to record videos therefrom, the format choices being MPG, PVA and PSV, (with MP2, Audio only). I also like to edit the files sometimes, my favourite editor being VirtualDub. Only, it doesn't like the formats. I've tried a number of video conversions', for e.g. to .avi. Some of these conversions please VirtualDub, but others give an error message like ' ...avi is of an unknown or unsupported file type'.
I think I need a Video Convertor of a higher quality than the ones I've found.
Any ideas?
Enviada: hace 5 años.
Categoría: Software
Experto:  Ing. Navas escribió hace 5 años.

As far as I understand you, you have record several videos with your WinTV Nexus capture card, and you want to make a convertion to a AVI format, isn't it?

Can you tyell me the original format tipe?

Is it a MPG or MPEG format?

Cliente: escribió hace 5 años.

In a nutshell:-


Satellite TV program -> WinTVNexus, record as MPG, (PVA or PSV) ->


video convertor -> MPG to AVI -> VirtualDub says the file




so, want a better convertor, or give up.

Experto:  Ing. Navas escribió hace 5 años.
...no, you do not have to give up.

There are several option, most of them are free and we have to try some of them until we find the one that works for you.

Here are several options for you:

- http://www.movavi.com/en/videoconverter!newmenu/
- http://mpgtoaviconverter.com/
- http://format-factory.en.softonic.com/
- http://sothink_free_video_converter.en.softonic.com/
- http://total-video-converter.en.softonic.com/
- http://any-video-converter-free.en.softonic.com/
- http://vip_video_converter.en.softonic.com/

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Cliente: escribió hace 5 años.

while I was out, your list of things to try faded to white, but I had noted 4 and I tried them. Here is what I got.


1 movavi.com

costs more than I'm about to risk.


2 mpg to avi was asked to convert a 1.16Mb .MPG file to .AVI

VirtualDub was asked to open it.

It said 'couldn't locate a decompressor for FMP4 (unknown)'

It would also need a VFW codec, but not one like DirectShow uses.

I've previously spent at least 10 hours on the Internet, trying to download said VFW codec but I only got a run-around from clever sales offers for things I didn't want


3 format-factory was given the same task

VirtualDub said 'couldn't locate decompressor for format xvid (unnown)'

also asked for a VFW codec.


4 any-video-converter gave the same result as 3, above.



Maybe I should pension-off VirtualDub and look for an editor that's happy with MPG.



Experto:  Ing. Navas escribió hace 5 años.
...let me ask you ¿what is the reason why you need the file in AVI format?

I am asking you because, the AVI format is popular in Windows environment, but MPG is compatible in almost every platform, including DVD players.

If a player is what you are lookig for, you can try these:

- http://www.gomlab.com/eng/
- http://flvplayer.com/

I use both, but FLV is my favorite!

Experto:  Ing. Navas escribió hace 5 años.
...is there any thing else thta I can help you?

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