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ratonxi, Ingeniero
Categoría: Televisor
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Experiencia:  Ingeniero en Electrónica Industrial
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Lost remote control for dtv mintek 263 23" dvd combo, and

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Lost remote control for dtv mintek 263 23" dvd combo, and universal control does not operate tv menu. Where to find one or how to operate tv menu directly on the tv?

Thank you for using Justanswer,

My name isXXXXX an engineer in electronics, and I will help you today to solve your issue.

Please, click in the link bellow where you can buy the remote for your DTV DVd combo:


The part number is:


Please, kindly rate my answer using the smilley faces showed above. If you need another supplier, just let me know.

ratonxi, Ingeniero
Categoría: Televisor
Clientes satisfechos: 1513
Experiencia: Ingeniero en Electrónica Industrial
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Cliente: escribió hace 5 años.
, I just received the rc600B as recommended by you and does not work at all. I got it from ebay at the address you pointed out. Now i see the original broken control is model rc 173DT. What should i do?
Cliente: escribió hace 5 años.
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I just received model mintek rc600B as recommended by you and does not work at all. I see that the original control was model rc173DT. What should i do now?
Cliente: escribió hace 5 años.
, Please let me know if you are going to answer. Thanks
Cliente: escribió hace 5 años.
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Model rc600 didnot work either. Original model was rc173 as mentioned in my messages. What to do next? Thanks

According to the seller you have 14 day to make process a return, When did you receive it?

Is this the model you are lookung for?:

This is the link for you to buy it:


¿Did I answer your question?

Cliente: escribió hace 5 años.
Yes that is model mintek rc 173DT like the original that came with tv and broke down. Andres from justanswer suggested model rc600 and as a consequence i bought the rc 600B pointed out by andres in the ebay list. I dont see mintek neither model rc 173DT in ebay lists. Could you help me to find it? I dont care losing the cost of the rc600B if it does not work on my tv. Thanks for taking care.and wait for your answer.
...do not worry, message the seller and find a solution, I am sure that he will understand, suggest a refund.

About the Remote Control, help me to understand, What do you meant with "I dont see mintek neither model rc 173DT in ebay lists"?

The remote control that I am suggesting is the replacement for the "RC173DT", but you can contact the seller, ask him to confirm that this is the correct replacement for your Remote Control.

I am sure that he will confirm it, but, if it ends up not been the one for you, you can post me again, to suggest you another options!!

¿is it ok with you?

Cliente: escribió hace 5 años.
Thanks. I assure you that i tried to contact the seller or manufacturer mintek. There is no way to get an answer they trasfer calls to a parts provider and it says they dont deal with it. Andres found a mintek remote in ebay list and he showed to me the exact spot where i should touch to order it. Now i dont see any mintek remote in ebay neither that model rc 173DT like the one you showed to me in your message. I am certain that is the model i need but i can not find where tio get it.thanks for your kind attention
...according to my system, you are in Venezuela, is this right?

Cliente: escribió hace 5 años.
Yes here it is almost imposible to get those strange brand parts. Could you try ebay yourself maybe i am nor too familiar looking for it? As for the manufacturer mintek their warranty show phone usa 1 XXXXXXXXXX they suggested calling www.repairclinic.com and phone 1 800 5064071 option 1 and they reply they dont deal with it. I see several internet negative reports from consumers specifically about getting remote controls from mintek and in a case with the same tv-dvd combo i got from mintek in venezuela. Thanks again
...it is not necessary to call them.

I already checked the link:


The price is US$24.99 + US$38.00 S&H to venezuela; but get hurry, because there si only 1 left!!!

Cliente: escribió hace 5 años.
Gracias mil. I already bought it. It will be sent out to my relatives in miami and then to me to caracas. Thanks for your help i hope it will work out. Gracias again
...you are wellcome!!!