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Categoría: ETS
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Experiencia:  Médico especialista en Hospital del Sistema Público español.
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Stuffy nose and cannot evacuate mucus by blowing nose.It feels

Pregunta del cliente

Stuffy nose and cannot evacuate mucus by blowing nose.It feels like it is tyricling down back of thraot and it makes me sniff a lot !! Had sypmtoms for 5 months but am away from my country and GP.I thought it wa s a cold at first and through spring maybe hay fever or some such allergy.I am female and born in 1954
Enviada: hace 6 años.
Categoría: ETS
Experto:  pablo.rdt escribió hace 6 años.
Hi there, if you don´t have fever and/or pharingeal pain i´m almost sure you have alergy. I recomend you start using an antihistamine like mizolastine or ebastine 20 mg/day (those ones don´t make you sleepy) and add a nasal corticoid like nasal budesonide twice each day during 10 days.

In conclusion:

- Mizolastine one each 24 hours
- Nasonex or rhinocort (nasal corticoid) twice a day in each nasal hole for 14 days.

If you still have symptons after this treatment I recomend you to visit an otorrinolaringolist.

If my answer helped you please be so kind to accept it, I will be glad to help if you still have more questions, greetins!
Experto:  pablo.rdt escribió hace 6 años.
Ah, almost forget, you can use a mucolitic like ambroxol or acetilcisteine for evacuatin the mucus...

Hope you get better, cya and answer more if you need.
Experto:  Dr. Maldonado escribió hace 6 años.
Hello, this may be rhinitis or chronic sinusitis. I recommend taking antihistamines like cetirizine 10 mg daily, steroid nasal spray like Nasonex o Avamys 2 sprays in each nostril 1 time per day, and an anti-inflammatory that also helps in back problems, such as ibuprofen 600 mg every 8 hours. all at least 7-10 days. If no improvement, call a physician.
Experto:  pablo.rdt escribió hace 6 años.
Hi there, I notice you didn´t accept any answer, maybe you need more information?. If some of the answer were helpul please acept it, if not just ask more if you still need info.