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Enrique Artozqui
Enrique Artozqui, Médico
Categoría: Urología
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Experiencia:  Médico especialista en Urología desde 1997 en un hospital general del País Vasco, España.
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After I consulated you last time and after taking Bactrim F

Pregunta del cliente

After I consulated you last time and after taking Bactrim F (160/800mg) and levofloxacine 500mg for 70 days I got well. I also had a psa test on May 2 and it read 1.2. I was feeling well until Firday June 8 when I started having an irritation before and after urination, also an uncomforable feeling, I then started taking Doxycyline 100mg, once a day and I also took Pirifur (acido nalidixo 500mg and clorhidrato de fenazopiridine 50 mg twice a day, of which I stopped taking. I started feeling better about 4 days ago, but yesterday everything came back, I am still taking Doxycyline once a day. What can I do.
Enviada: hace 5 años.
Categoría: Urología
Experto:  Enrique Artozqui escribió hace 5 años.
Hello again. I remember your previous questions. You have prostatic hypertrophy and it seems you are having repeated urinary tract infections. That is not unusual. PSA levels are always normal, so there is no concern about cancer. I think you are also taking Flomax to improve urinary flow.

Now you are taking an antibiotic, but symptoms have come back so I suggest it would be better to stop taking the antibiotic, wait for 3 or 4 days, and have a urine culture performed, to know exactly if there is an infection and which is the involved bacterium. If the culture is positive, then you should take yet another antibiotic according to the results of the antibiogram.

But I suppose you want a more definitive solution. When a man with a prostatic hyperplasia has repeated infections, that usually means the bladder is not voiding completely (i.e. there is residual urine in the bladder). To improve that and prevent infections sometimes the best solution is surgery. Usually the treatment can be accomplished through the uretrha (transurethral resection of the prostate). You should discuss with your urologist this possibility.

You can keep on asking any doubt. I hope you get better soon.