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Dr.Manuel_Moron, Médico
Categoría: Urología
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I've been having burn feeling on the tip of my penis and

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Hey, I've been having burn feeling on the tip of my penis and also a pain in the groin
JA: ¿Desde cuándo ocurren los síntomas que te preocupan?
Customer: the burn feeling 3 days and the pain in the groin started yesterday
JA: ¿Tomas alguna medicación de forma regular?
Customer: NO
JA: ¿Hay algún otro detalle que crees que el médico debería saber?
Customer: I dont think so

Hi, good afternoon.

Cliente: escribió hace 14 días.
Hey Dr. Manuel

Did you notice any lession, like painfull blisters in the tip of your penis?

Cliente: escribió hace 14 días.
No blisters or anything visible
Cliente: escribió hace 14 días.
The head looks a bit dried out but nothing major

And the burn feeling occurs only when you urinate? Or it´s permanent?

Cliente: escribió hace 14 días.
I mostly when I urinate but also when i touch the tip of the penis too
Cliente: escribió hace 14 días.
It is no permanent though

And did you notice any discharge through the urethra?

Cliente: escribió hace 14 días.
I'm sorry but what do you mean by discharge through the urethra ?
Cliente: escribió hace 14 días.
There was no liquids or anything coming out of it
Cliente: escribió hace 14 días.
also forgot to mention that the groin is swollen a bit on both side, like two small balls )

Yes, that´s what I meant, sorry for my English.

Lastly, did you have sexual intercourse without condom in the last 30 days?

Cliente: escribió hace 14 días.
No problem at all !!! :)
Yes I did, with my girlfriend

Well, from the symptoms you describe, it appears to be urethritis, which is a sexually transmitted infection. Groin pain is probably due to swollen lymph nodes, which is normal for this infection.
It can be caused by different bacteria, and to confirm the diagnosis I recommend a very simple study, called a urethral exudate analysis; In this way, the germ that is causing the infection can be determined, and an appropriate treatment can be indicated. If you cannot undergo this study, you could do an empirical treatment, which consists of an injection of Ceftriaxone 250 mg (one time only), and two tablets together of Azithromycin 500 mg (also one time only). This would cure all possible causes of urethritis.

It is not something serious, and you should not worry, but it is important to do a treatment to avoid complications. And if the infection is confirmed, your girlfriend should do the same treatment.

Cliente: escribió hace 14 días.
Okay, got it ! So I should go to a doctor office to get that done right?

Yes, you should go to a doctor to begin the evaluation and treatment; if possible, you should go to an urologist, but not necessarily, it can be a general practitioner.

Cliente: escribió hace 14 días.
Okay, thank you very much !

You are wellcome, I hope you get better soon.

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