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Categoría: USA Ley en Español
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In 1990 I filed for divorce in Florida, I was married in Puerto

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In 1990 I filed for divorce in Florida, I was married in Puerto Rico. After waiting period for postings, which I never found, I was granted the dissolution. It was the decision of the judge to eliminate the child support, two minor kids, because they indicate they were never able to0 find him. Addresses given were correct.
When I requested for help when I moved to Massachusetts I was told that was illegal. In 2008, after many years talking he convinced me to go back and even paid for the move from MA to PR. I traveled, he traveled back and forth until I finally retired in October 2009 when I finally moved. Every time we talked about getting married, he insisted he never divorced me since he never signed. My certificate of marriage has no notation
with relation to the divorce. No one ever told me I was supposed to submit the divorce in PR. He died at the beginning of February of this year.
Since the divorce was never submitted in Puerto Rico, we reconcile in 2008 living together as husband and wife, identified by him every where as his wife, is there anything in Puertorican law that will protect me as widow? He never remarried nor did I.
Enviada: hace 6 años.
Categoría: USA Ley en Español
Experto:  HoyaLawyer escribió hace 6 años.
puerto rico does not recognize common law marriage. So unless you legally got remarried there, you were no longer married. the Florida divorce was valid. he did not need to sign for you to get a divorce in FL. One state recognizes the divorce of another state. If you had lived together in a common law marriage state after the divorce and told everyone you were married then you would have rights as a widow, but since PR does not recognize common law marriages, there is nothing for you and you remained legally divorced. i hope this helps clarify.

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