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My tenants in apt #1 requested to have their friends from out

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My tenants in apt #1 requested to have their friends from out of town and their dog staying in their 1 bedroom apartment for a month. I declined the request of the pet not their guest. This tenants have a dog staying in their unit that it is part of the agreement but I did not wanted to add another dog in that appartment. I work from home a lot and I am next door to them.

Now my tenant from apt #2 who has a small dog is asking me if she can have her grandmother's 13 lbs house trained dog staying with her while she finds a her a home.

Based on the extreme circumstances, I was planning to agree to the small pet to stay until January 30th but this is my question.

1. How much can I ask tenant #2 to pay for the dog in an pet agreement? 2. Can tenants in apt #1 sue me succesfully for discrimination? Are there other solutions that I can consider? I am out of town and will not be able to go back to meet the little dog until the January 24, therefore all agreemnets will be done via email.
1) You can set a reasonable fee for a pet deposit, which can be non-refundable and typically they are about $500. You can also add a reasonable increase to rent for having the dog, what is reasonable depends on the total rent you are charging and it could be anywhere from $25-$100 per month.

2) It is not discrimination to disallow a pet or multiple pets unless you are doing so based only on the age/race/sex/disability of the tenants. Otherwise, it is your discretion as to what to allow or not allow on your property.

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