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Tengo 2 dwi en Texas, uno en 1993 y otro en 2003, 2 cargos

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Tengo 2 dwi en Texas, uno en 1993 y otro en 2003, 2 cargos por conducir con la licencia suspendida en 1993 y 1997 y un cargo de forgery en 2000 puedo expunched estos cargos?
Se le condena por todos los cargos?
Cliente: escribió hace 5 años.

On the charge of driving whle license susp. was sentenced of Conviction-Plea of guilty, 4 day on jail on Harris County 7/12/93. Misdemeanor B


on the same date Ofense: DWI level degree: misdemeanor A; Probation-Plea of Guilty, 180 days of jail, probation 2 years. 7/13/1995 Probation terminated.


10/31/1997 Driving while Licensed Susp.Conviction-Plea of guilty 2 days of jail, msdemeanor B


Forgery Sentenced 02/24/2000 conviction: Lesser OFF. Guilty Plea-no jury, 6 months of jail.



6/25/2003: DWI 2Nd Convicton-Plea of guilty Harris County 30 days jail.


I'm trying to clear my criminal record because I want to apply for mmigration Documents "green Card" I had been illegal in this country.



I am very sorry to tell you that under Texas law a DUI conviction can never be sealed or expunged. The same with traffic offenses, which would be the driving while suspended charges. Under Texas law an expungment or sealing is available only for charges you were never convicted of. The forgery conviction, would be a problem as well, even though it is a misdemeanor because it is a crime of moral turpitude. Your one recourse is to file a motion for post conviction relief on these cases and ask the court to vacate the guilty sentence and change it to not guilty, for which you would need a local attorney to file in each court. The court has discretion for good cause to vacate your guilty verdicts, which they do not do frequently, but they have the authority. Your only other real recourse on these convictions under Texas law would be you have to file for a pardon from the governor, which are not very easy to obtain, but it is the only means available in Texas to have convictions cleared from a record. I am afraid that in general though, any convictions are pretty much impossible to remove from your record under Texas laws.

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