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HI Candy or whomever answers this - hope you are well. I have

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HI Candy or whomever answers this - hope you are well.
I have a torn tendon in my foot and so will have trouble bringing my dogs into the USA myself. MY |French friend (no greencard just tourist visa) is traveling soon to Texas and says he can take two of my dogs across the border.
Can he do this? He will be driving through Laredo.
The dogs are healthy and will have all their shots and vaccination info and heartworm, frontline etc.
Can the officials stop him from entering?
If the dogs are in a car , do they need to be in crates??
I ahve a greencard , do I need totravel with them?
Thank you and best, Fiona
Thank you for your question. I look forward to working with you to provide you the information you are seeking.

Do your dogs have health certifiates from Mexico certifying they have had all of their shots? If they have all of their health certificates, they need to be in crates going across the border, but they should be allowed entry with proof of their health certificates even if they are with your friend and not you when coming across the border. You do not need to travel with your dogs as long as they have the certificates.

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Can you please advise me. I am looking to get my permanent residency in Mexico. What are the main obligations that I need to meet?


Does Mexico double tax (if I earn money in Australia do I ahve to pay taxs in Mexico ?).


With the new change in the law regarding foreign ownership of land in Mexico (the 50km from beach law) can I own land with my permanent residency.


If I go further to have mex citizenship do I have to give up my Australian citizenship?


gracias, Fiona

Thank you for your response.

You need to have no criminal record. You need to prove you have a means to support yourself financially or that you have some way to earn money.

You have to pay taxes in Mexico for anything you earn while in Mexico, but if you are not earning in Mexico you do not pay taxes to them in Mexico.

You can own land in Mexico other than on the water directly and you do not have to give up your citizenship to get permanent residency in Mexico.