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i recieve benefits from the usa but does the following apply

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i recieve benefits from the usa but does the following apply to me and how do i apply...> Not Working? - Receive 1,116.06 USD/mo. - Get started immediately. Get a reply within 5 minutes. Source: ssa dot gov April 2012 for people on disability who are unable to work or unable to work in their normal line of work due to illness or injury. Checks come for as long as you need them...... i was recieving mental and disabilty benefits since 18 and now that my dad draws i now drow off his work history he get 2000 and i get 927
Thank you for your question. I look forward to working with you to provide you the information you are seeking.

In order to receive benefits under SSA you must have worked the required number of quarters and put in money into the system or collect off of someone who has done so, such as you are collecting off of your father. Thus, if you were working and became disabled and had paid in a sufficient number of quarters into the SS system, you would be eligible for disability of that amount or more based on your contributions. However, if you have never worked under the SS system and are collecting under your father's rights, I am afraid that you would not be eligible for new benefits, but you can file with SSA to ask them to reevaluate the benefits you are receiving to determine if you are entitled to an increase based off your father's benefits.

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i recieve benefits cause of a car crash that left my right leg disabled and i had pass mental problems that i also draw all witch started at the age of 18 the check was 6 hundred something when i started drawing off my dads income history it raised alittle of 9 hundred because i was 16 at the time of my wreck i do not have any personal work history feel free to ask me for any info that would help you best answer my question

Thank you for your response.

Because you have no personal work history under which SS could grant you benefits, I am afraid your entitlement to benefits is limited to your father's benefits and as I said above all you can do is ask SS to review your benefits to see if you are entitled to any increase under your father's benefit.