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A friend of mine, Mexican citizen was deported because she

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A friend of mine, Mexican citizen was deported because she separated her husband before the green card interview and did not attend it. It has been 20 days since the date of the interview. Can she apply for an artist visa or find a sponsor if she stays in the USA? What will be the the scenario if she does not leave the United Sates?
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Se is 28 years old and has finished her masters degree in the USA

Thank you for your question. I look forward to working with you to provide you the information you are seeking for educational purposes only.

Your friend does not have many options I am afraid. If she is out of status because she separated and did not attend the interview, she must leave the US if she does not find some sponsor for a different type of visa. If she stays and is caught, in light of the US Supreme Court striking down the President's executive order, then she would face up to a 10 year ban if caught.

So, she can apply to colleges or schools to seek to teach and get some type of work visa. Other than that, if she is seeking a visa as an artist she would have to prove she is famous and an expert in her area of art to satisfy those requirements. Quite honestly, looking for employment or enrolling in a PhD program would be her best chances of being able to remain in the US.

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In case she finds a sponsor, is it possible to get her visa besides not returning to Mexico when deported? Will migration dept cross check info?

Thank you for your reply.

If she gets a sponsor, she can file for change of status, but if she does not have one and her visa is currently expired now she needs to leave, because immigration WILL check to see if she has overstayed before.

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Thank you very much

Thank you.