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linamgr53, Veterinario
Categoría: Veterinaria
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Experiencia:  experiencia en Pequeñas y Grandes Especies y en inseminación artificial transcervical en Ovinos y Caprinos.
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Hello, I am caring fro abandoned kitty 4 months old very active

Pregunta del cliente

Hello, I am caring fro abandoned kitty 4 months old very active but with front right paw dragging, no feeling obviously in paw or lower leg,an old injury perhaps run over, no history available,and unhealing ulceration where she drags it(wrist place) which I bandage and protect with padding,trying massage and exercise,she cooperates,but vet had her with ferrule for 2 months, which bothered her shoulder, have taken it off no use,says now she must have paw amputated at shoulder to save necrosis.She is Feline leukemis positive, such a shame, no symptoms but irregular canines hwich vet says is a sure symptom of the disease. Should she have to go through an amputation?can she later be speyed? Many thanks, XXXXX XXXXX a real grateful sweetie [email protected]
Enviada: hace 7 años.
Categoría: Veterinaria
Cliente: escribió hace 6 años.
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Update, after a complicated op to try to save the leg, we had to amputate it as there was no feeling at all in the leg.Now she is fine, didnt even seem to miss the paw,as she hadnt used it or felt anything in it..is a dear active 100% happy cat and lovedby her cat friends.
Experto:  Javier escribió hace 6 años.
¡¡Bienvenido a Justanswer!!

Hello, good afternoon.

I'm glad that the operation has gone well.
Best thing you could do for the cat.

The leg only was going to cause problems, ulcers and secondary infections.

Animals are not like people, not depressed after a leg amputated because they have a high survival instinct.

When spending a few days, run and play with other cats as if nothing had happened.

Regards and good luck,
Experto:  linamgr53 escribió hace 6 años.
Cordial Greetings, I am very happy that all is well after surgery, in terms of recovery is prompt and see that they have great psychological and physical recovery after childbirth by their sense of survival is very important that you do not treat just as he did before the surgery, it is harder for them to change behavior by their owner and close friend.

Regards and good luck,

Lina Maria Giraldo Restrepo