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Javier, Licenciatura
Categoría: Veterinaria
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Does someone speak ENGLISH to help me with my sick pomeranian

Pregunta del cliente

Does someone speak ENGLISH to help me with my sick pomeranian who seems to have indigestion from some meat with grisle and some cheese he ate last night. He is shaky and seems uncomfortable.
Enviada: hace 7 años.
Categoría: Veterinaria
Experto:  Ldo Alejandro escribió hace 7 años.

A country, a civilization can be judged by how it treats its animals. (Mahatma Gandhi)


If you have vomiting should go to the vet, if diarrhea can leave only 12 hours fasting until they improve. Then gives rice and chicken. Give water little by little until they eat to maintain hydration.

Greetings and I hope I have helped. Alejandro.

Experto:  ASTOR63 escribió hace 7 años.
Excess fat and protein may have caused your dog pancreatitis.
Or just a food intolerance to these chemicals. Leave it 12 hours fasting is a good measure. Give oral rehydration salts to prevent dehydration is too.
Sucralfate (Urbal) orally it will be helpful. Given 1 ml every 5 kilos of weight. It is a potent antacid that will take digestive discomfort. During a week you should give it half an hour before meals. Try to get a diet low in fat like Royal Canin Low Fat Non-overloading over the digestive system. You take it for at least a month, and avoid foods like that time that have caused the current episode.
If you see vomiting continues you should go to an emergency veterinarian to be injected medications necessary to cut these episodes.
Hope that helped.
Thanks if you accept my answer
Experto:  Javier escribió hace 7 años.
Hello, good morning.

When a dog has indigestion from eating too much food and has vomiting or diarrhea, the best you can do is leave fasting 12 hours and manage a stomach protector.

The next day, you may need a bland diet of boiled rice, boiled potatoes or pasta. You have to give it in small amounts throughout the day.

You can also be given medicine to keep from vomiting.

You have to watch that it can keep down the water as it can dehydrate. If so, see your veterinarian.

A greeting and luck.