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Javier, Licenciatura
Categoría: Veterinaria
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This question is for a veterinary doctor - We are in Mulege

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Its been about an hour and haven't heard from anyone.  Please confirm that you are working on my question.


This question is for a veterinary doctor - We are in Mulege Mexico and my dog of 17 years has had an apparent stroke. There are no vets available until Monday because of the Easter holiday and I need to know what to do for her. She is alert, cannot stand on her own, left eye seems to roll up and she can't support her head which falls to the right. She was anxious until she urinated but still is trying to stand and is fussing. We have been trying to hydrate with electrolites - how much liquid should I try to get in her - she weighs 11.5 pounds and is a female maltase mix. Please advise.

Enviada: hace 6 años.
Categoría: Veterinaria
Experto:  ASTOR63 escribió hace 6 años.


You are doing well suministranbdople electrolytes. The operdida of weakness of the head and the symptoms you describe make think of a possible heart or neurological disorder. No me atrve to recommend medication that might be detrimental to your maltes, so how much you can give an anti-inflammatory Metacam or Previcox or Rymadil type to control the pain a little.

Thank you if you accept my answer

A greeting and ternine well their Easter holiday.

Experto:  Ldo Alejandro escribió hace 6 años.

Un país, una civilización se puede juzgar por la forma en que trata a sus animales. (Mahatma Gandhi).


Good morning,

The signs that your dog shows are neurological, knowing their origin without specific tests such as chest X-ray, blood test, and even an MRI is not possible. It is a serious problem in which time is very important.

Your dog at 17 will most likely have a brain tumor or severe cardiac disease, any of the diseases suffered should be seen by a veterinarian and even thought I'd like to help you, I can only recommend you to go as soon as you can to a veterinarian to do a complete neurological examination.

Greetings and good luck

Experto:  Javier escribió hace 6 años.
Hello, good afternoon.

In cases of stroke is necessary to give a powerful corticosteroid intravenous or subcutaneous or intramuscular failing. This is going to be able to diminish inflammation and partial recovery of the animal.
The amount of fluid administered is 15ml/hora (180ml a day).

Try to find an emergency veterinary clinic to meet you quickly be ruled out heart disease.

Greetings and luck.